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Christine Knox, remedial hot stones trainer

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Remedial Hot Stones is a unique modality that uses heat to create a more effective remedial treatment, that is easy on your hands, and that clients love!

Delivered by the internationally qualified trainer, Christine Knox, who uses hot stones in ALL her remedial and therapeutic treatments since discovering their unique benefits in 2012.

See how you can use hot and cold stones to deliver great results with less effort, enhance your client experience, and all the while save your body so you can have a more sustainable career in massage.

This 8 week program equips you with the skills and confidence to handle any client with ease.

Next Intake: 8th July 2024

It's 100% online and personally mentored, so it's incredibly flexible

Remedial Hot Stones

Holds huge opportunities for practitioners who want to expand their skills, reach new people and create deep results with less effort.

Open up a whole new therapeutic world!

Remedial Hot Stones not only helps you leverage your career but also solve challenges such as:

  • Feeling the pressure of being in demand?This modality gives you tools to use with ALL clients. It delivers great results with less effort and strain on your body!

  • Wondering where all your clients have gone? This modality is a great client magnet and clients love it so much they will rebook themselves easily!

  • Not enough tools in your belt? Remedial Hot Stones is a multi-tool that is super versatile and helps reduce your workload!

Remedial Hot Stones treatment






Qualified Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, LMTs, RMTs, Bowen Therapists, Osteopaths... Or any qualified bodyworker!

Program designed for:

Qualified Remedial Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, Licensed Massage Therapists, Bowen Therapists, and Osteopaths. Or any qualified bodyworker!

What Graduates are saying

Catherine saves 20 mins per leg by melting "concrete" calves!

Surprised at how little effort is required by her hands to get lasting results

Lauren discovered how to make her clients feel great and get results

Kelly integrated stones into her Myo treatments to save her hands and add value

Got immediate marriage proposals 😂

This therapist of 30 years experience was amazed at the new skills she learnt

Why everyone LOVES Remedial Hot & Cold Stones

THERAPISTS love using stones because...

✅ They save your hands, body and energy therefore increasing longevity of career.

✅ Clients love them so much they rebook on

the table

✅ You don’t have to work so hard, 1 stone

stroke = 3 non-stone strokes

✅ The heat sneaks beneath the nervous

system radar which means no barrier, so

your treatments are deeper, quicker

✅ You can cover more ground in one

session, with ease

The stones actually treat your hands as you deliver treatments!

CLIENTS love it because the stones...

Feel so good - produces "ahhhhh" 😁

Reduce DOMS (post massage soreness)

✅ Get fast results for chronic pain conditions

✅ Give deep tissue massage without the ‘digging’

Are energising and reduce pain immediately (using cold stones)

Aid in sports recovery

✅ Are Relaxing AND Remedial

✅ Can be tailored to each client's needs

Catherine Ross Massage & Bowen Therapy

"A great course with an easy to follow structure while allowing you to work at your own pace."

Alisha Robinson
Alisha Robinson - Massage Therapist

Catherine Ross Massage & Bowen Therapy

"Very good modality to add to the skillset of hands-on therapists who want to remain longer in the massage industry."

Perl Zita Ginulos
Hermosa Oasis Remedial Massage

Catherine Ross Massage & Bowen Therapy

"It’s a great place to learn all the basics and so much more! It will open your eyes to all the possibilities that using hot stones in a remedial manner can offer you and your clients."

Catherine Ross
Catherine Ross Massage & Bowen Therapy

Remeidal Hot Stones online course review by Lisa Barnes
Richard McKenna review of hot stones course


Direct connection with Christine for clarity and feedback

Small Group

Limited intake numbers ensure personal attention

Lifetime Access

Revisit the training any time, so you can refresh as needed

A Remedial Hot Stones session in progress

We work systematically through the body sharing tried and tested protocols for helping your clients out of pain.

We will blend hot & cold stones, myofascial release work, remedial and sports massage to treat particular conditions including:

Headaches, whiplash, frozen shoulder, low back pain, Hip and knee pathologies, Plantar fasciitis and RSI, Carpal Tunnel and...

Much More!


Our Program Includes

  • Remedial hot stones for common pain conditions: Low back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder

  • Treatments for hips&knees, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel

  • The importance of client connection

  • ​Grounding in order to be present

  • ​Body mechanics to prevent injury

  • Touch skills exercises to feel through the stones

  • Red flags - physiological factors

  • Yellow flags -psychological factors

  • How to choose, set-up and use your hot stones.

  • Safe use of hot, cold and combination therapy

  • ​Review of common trigger points

  • Equipment and cleaning

  • Some ‘pamper’ techniques!

  • Mentoring and business integration

  • Yellow flags -psychological factors

  • Exclusive gift: A Photograph Package with professional hot stones photos to use on social media.

Experience a supportive growth environment with personal mentoring



  • Live group coaching calls throughout the program so you can stay motivated and clear

  • ​Personal feedback and answers to any questions you have in our private Facebook group



  • Being with like-minded and like-hearted people builds momentum and inspiration - and is FUN!

  • Every intake has a private Facebook group with daily steps, feedback and connection

  • Live calls allow you to connect with the whole group as well as Christine

  • Being part of our awesome graduates Facebook community after course



  • Simple instructions which break down complicated ideas into small steps so you can take action easily

  • LIFETIME access to all the content so you can revisit any topic at your own pace or when you might need it again in the future

  • Printable downloads

  • Supplementary study materials such as research,

    literature, other reference materials used in the course.

The 8 Week Framework

Week 1

Setting you up for success

In this phase, we ensure participants' success by tailoring a plan to meet their and their clients' needs. This personalized approach allows efficient navigation of content, skill practice, and improvement without relying on free treatments or extending clinic hours.

Week 2

Ready Set Stones & Low Back

Covering hot stone cleaning and setup, safety and hygienic hacks.

Additionally, it focuses on low back pain protocols, demystifies herniated discs, provides an anatomy refresher and how to trigger points with stones.

Week 3

Neck Pain & Headaches

Exploring the physiological and mental effects of hot and cold stones on the body, this content delves into their impact on fascia, muscles, nerves, etc. It emphasizes critical thinking for safe use with specific clients.

Week 4

Shoulder Girdle & Frozen Shoulder

With a theme of accountability, this content focuses on checking the practice's progress.

In Zoom sessions, participants examine client reactions and delve into pathology, particularly frozen shoulder.

Week 5

Lovely Legs & Plantar Fasciitis

We explore the use of cold stones on legs and guide participants in converting clients to hot stones through effective messaging and pricing strategies. It also provides insights on adjusting prices.

Week 6

Hips & Abdominal & Psoas

Highlighting the importance of abdominal work and its benefits for specific client groups, the Zoom session focuses on a treatment Q&A style, addressing participants' questions. It discusses feedback from clients, shaping effective marketing messages.

Week 7

Amazing Arms – Carpal Tunnel

The content discusses arms, carpal tunnel, and prompts consideration of therapist self-care. It addresses any observed changes in hand pain or discomfort, emphasizing practitioners' well-being.

Week 8

Round up and Q&A

This week rounds off the program by cementing the learning. The Zoom is dedicated to answer any nagging questions and making a clear your next steps in a way that makes sense for you.

Upcoming Intakes in 2024 ​

8th July 2024

About Your Coach

Christine Knox is Australia's most trusted body work mentor and coach.

Christine Knox coach profile

Christine Knox

Massage Therapist and Modalities Specialist

Author of "Your Practice!"

Loves training and therapist longevity

Christine began her massage career 15 years ago in Scotland, and her Professional Degree in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage from the UK places her within the most highly qualified massage therapists in the world.

She also has a huge range of massage industry experience from delivering massage via NHS, to working with rockstars backstage!

Using her experience and broad education, Christine built her expertise in Fascia and Scars allowing her to travel globally indulging her passion for learning and passing on skills to others.

She loves to inspire therapists to grow by gaining new skills from a different perspective through an interactive, supportive and fun learning environments.

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In depth. Online. 8 Weeks.

Fully mentored by Christine Knox.
Become confident treating with Hot Stones


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