Top Business Books for Massage Therapists

Discover the Secrets to having a Successful Practice... the Easy Way!

Fully Booked Without Burnout - The Book

Fully Booked Without Burnout

A Massage Therapist’s Guide To Building A Six‑Figure Business With Fun, Freedom and Passion

by Elicia Crook and James Crook

  • The Proven "Fully Booked" Framework

  • Practical Examples

  • Step-By-Step Blueprint

  • Action Steps to grow your business

  • Case Studies

  • Written from real-world experience

  • Free access to our Support Network

Your Pratice! - The Book

Your Practice!

Your Ticket to Joy, Happiness & Profitability!

by Christine Knox

This book is written to Massage Therapists who want to transform their hobby into a REAL BUSINESS!

Discover the 10 blindspots you need to know to avoid a soulless, unappreciated, laundry-filled life.

An easy read filled with wisdom from Australia's most trusted bodywork mentor and coach.

See how your practice is your ticket to joy, happiness and profitability!

Two Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business Confidence!

Fully Booked Without Burnout

by Elicia Crook and James Crook

  • Precise Facebook Ad Template (Page 120)

  • The "Health Leader Ladder" Growth Framework (Page 9)

  • Facebook Posting Strategy (Page 98)

  • Ideal Home Page Recipe (Page 137)

  • The "4 Growth Pillars" (Page 198)

  • Client Acquisition Cost Analysis (Page 82)

  • How to bring in cash quickly (Page 178)

  • Powerful Goal Setting Technique (Page 49)

  • Personal Achievement Pledge (Page 55)

  • The "3 Amazing Ms" model (page 26)

  • Checklist to attract Superstar Staff (Page 208)

  • 50 cheap and easy Self-care options (Page 64)

  • Rebooking Script (Page 165)

"OMG this book is fantastic!"

"This opened my eyes"

"It saved my career and passion"

"Buy this book if you are going to start your own massage business"

"A must-read for all self-employed massage therapists"

"I’d recommend it to anyone"