Christine Knox - Gentle Scar Treatment

Become confident treating scars, gently.

Gentle Scar Therapy changes the way therapists understand and help clients with scars – so you can treat gently, effectively and safely.

This has a huge benefit for treatment outcomes, and allows you to gently support clients out of pain and restriction caused by scars.

Never refer out your clients for scar treatment again. In fact, have other health professionals refer their clients to YOU!

Become a specialised Gentle Scar Therapist...

Apply now for the next intake: 22nd July 2024

A pioneering technique for massage therapists and bodyworkers.

What is Gentle Scar Therapy?

A unique technique that holds a new opportunity for practitioners to help clients with scars – gently, effectively and safely.

Play this video to hear from Christine Knox, the creator of Gentle Scar Therapy

Scar before and after example
Scar before treatment
Scar after treatment
Amazing scar treatment example - before and after
Scar treatment helping arm abduction ROM

Is this program a good fit for me?

The Gentle Scar Therapy program will be perfect for you if:

You lack confidence with treating scars in a gentle and effective way

You are ready to get amazing results for your clients with scars

You are tired of using cross-fibre friction or other rough techniques on clients who have already been through enough

✅ You want to expand your client base and offer treatments to a new segment of clients

This pioneering program is for therapists and body workers who have an interest in women’s health, sports injuries, lymphatics, functional movement and improving the quality of clients’ lives.

We enrol therapists who are hands-on practitioners, including remedial massage, myotherapists, oesteopaths, physiotherapists and practitioners with specialised modalities in Emmett, Bowen, pregnancy, oncology and structural integration.

We cover all types of planned and unplanned scars including, strophic, hypertrophic, keloid, burns, contusions, piercing and contracture

Whether you are treating mums with a C-section or the older generation with hip or knee replacements, cosmetic surgeries clients or those recovering from surgical interventions to help with chronic disease.

This is the most in-depth and compressive scar therapy program available worldwide.

Gentle Scar Massage Training
Scar training review by Jane Yeates
Scar massage training review by Perl Ginulos
Gentle Scar Course review by Tracey Sgroi
Review of Gentle Scar Therapy by Louann Cranford

These modalities are welcome:

  • Massage

  • Myotherapy

  • ​Osteopathy

  • ​Physiotherapy

  • Bowen

  • Kinesiology

  • ​Oncology

  • ​Lymphatic

  • Remedial Therapies

  • Esthetics

  • ​Other bodywork

  • Any trained bodywork or health practitioner who has clients with scars

"The physios are asking me to show them what I do, because they don't get the same results"

Gets easy referrals for scar therapy and treats a lot of people without fatigue or overload

Rachel gives her clients back their movement and activities after hand surgery


Direct connection with Christine for clarity and feedback

Small Group

Limited intake numbers ensure personal attention

Lifetime Access

Revisit the training any time, so you can refresh as needed

This 8-week online scar massage course guides you to a deeper understanding of scars and people – it covers everything you need to be safe and confident.

Each bite-sized lesson is made to easily fit into your routine, and you have lifetime access so you can review any time.

And the program is fully mentored by Christine through live video calls and feedback.

It's everything you need!

Treating a scar with gentle massage techniques

This technique will open up a whole new therapeutic world.








Qualified Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Bodyworkers or any other trained practitioners

See what graduates are saying

Katrina is trained in oncology and lymphatics and is amazed at the results of Gentle Scar Therapy

Gemma integrates Emmett and Gentle Scar Therapy for even greater results

Peter's crossfit clients get great results from gentle treatments

Janelle is a registered midwife and massage therapist who loves the gentle techniques

Gloria is an acupuncturist who has filled her books with cosmetic surgery clients

Charity's boosting her business through Gentle Scar Therapy

What do I learn over the 8 Weeks?

You will walk away with a new skill set you can use immediately to treat clients with scars, including:

✅ Scar assessment skills

✅ 7 gentle specialised techniques for all scar types

✅ How to treat without traumatising

✅ Fly-on-the-wall videos of 12 real client treatments

✅ Theory on Scars, Fascia, Lymphatics and Nerves

✅ Nutrition, Healing, Attitudes to scars, Types of scars

✅ How to price, market and attract clients for scar treatment

Online Scar Training Class Photo
Online Scar Training Class Photo
Online Scar Training Class Photo
Review by Sue Bickmore
Results are mind-blowing comment by Alisha

What outcomes will I get?

Christine Knox - Trainer and Mentor for Gentle Scar Therapy

By the end of this mentored scar therapy program, you will:

❤️ Be confident in treating people who have planned and unplanned scars

🌟 Own a sound knowledge of Scar Theory and Critical Thinking for Client Care

💰 Know how to make the most from your investment in this modality with our Business Integration

🫶 Be able to give with ease to your clients through Scar Therapy

And – we want you to do all this in the...

simplest way possible!

Janelle Stanford - client outcomes

Experience a supportive growth environment with personal mentoring



  • Insightful Theory: Why scars impact Nerves, Fascia and Lymphatics, Healing, Trauma, Nutrition and more.

  • Critical Thinking: Discover a framework to understand how to best help this client today.

  • Business Integration: What fees you should charge, how to attract the best clients, and what to do to position yourself as their first choice when it comes to bodywork.



  • Aligned Community: Get help from your friends, Christine and her expert support coaches, online class meetings, facebook groups. You'll know you are in the right place with the help and support you need!

  • Client Trust: Understand the "why" and "how" of building trust with your clients to deliver more than just a feel-good factor.

  • Listening Touch: Open hearted palpation skills that let your client's body be truly heard, and which will bring joy to your heart



  • Assessment Skills: Transferring assessment to understanding to palpation - (with a sprinkle of intuition)

  • ​Gentle techniques: Reimagine "getting rid of" scar tissue or "breaking it down". Say goodbye to cross fibre friction!

  • Scar Integration: This whole-person approach gives peace to clients by integrating their scar and helps them feel like themselves again

About Your Trainer

Christine Knox is Australia's most trusted body work mentor and coach.

Christine Knox coach profile

Christine Knox

Massage Therapist, Trainer and Modalities Specialist

Author of "Your Practice!"

Loves training and therapist longevity

Christine began her massage career 15 years ago in Scotland, and her Professional Degree in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage from the UK places her within the most highly qualified massage therapists in the world.

She also has a huge range of massage industry experience from delivering massage via NHS, to working with rockstars backstage!

Using her experience and broad education, Christine built her expertise in Fascia and Scars allowing her to travel globally indulging her passion for learning and passing on skills to others.

She loves to inspire therapists to grow by gaining new skills from a different perspective through an interactive, supportive and fun learning environments.

Meet the Support Team

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Yvette Croft

Program Coach

Christine Knox coach profile

May Palacpac

Program Support

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Admin Support

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In depth, online, 8 weeks.

Fully mentored by Christine Knox.
Become confident treating scars, gently.


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