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Mentoring, Support and Training so you can have more simplicity and joy along with the business success you've dreamed of

Do you want to get Fully Booked, without burning out?

Fully Booked Bootcamp is the 8-week business program for massage and bodyworkers who want to be more successful in their business.

YOU have a vision to see more clients, sustainably grow your practice, and earn what you are worth… all while having more freedom in your lifestyle.

WE have a system giving you the tools, guidance, and community to make it happen – quicker and easier than you ever imagined.


Fully Booked Bootcamp is a mentoring program created by industry experts with decades of experience in massage, training and business.

You get guidance, accountability AND the step-by-step instructions, for how create the business you want... big or small!

Which empowers you to create a sustainable practice...

your way!


so you are Clear and Confident as you work towards your goals


using simple tactics to gain more bookings from your Ideal Clients


the tools that keep your practice running smoothly behind the scenes

See what recent course graduates are saying...

Will it be a good fit for me?

Do any of these feel familiar?

You know you would take the steps to grow your business... if only you knew exactly what they were

You've tried using social media but it seems to take FOREVER and then you don't get bookings from it anyway

Your bank account doesn't reflect the massive amount of work you're putting into your business

You feel weird putting yourself "out there" even though you know this holds you back

You rely on word-of-mouth for most of your new clients... and sometimes it's simply not enough

✅ You sometimes lack confidence in asking for rebookings

✅ You've EVER felt clumsy with tech and wished someone would take you by the hand to guide you

✅ Your confidence gets shaken when you look ahead at a week with low bookings

✅ And even... your modality is your PASSION but you sometimes consider getting another job just to make ends meet

“After a decade in the industry and never really gaining any momentum I am still completely shocked at the results I’ve gained from FBWB. But most of all the feelings of achievement have changed the way I feel in both my personal and professional life.”

~ Kristy Jenkinson

“Today I’m having a little celebration – the last day of my “day job” before I transition into a full time Massage Therapist. Just wanted to share with all my awesome FBBC peeps!”

~ Emma Jane Brackstone

If ANY of the above seem familiar to you...

Fully Booked Bootcamp could be just the answer you've been looking for, to finally break through and create the success you desire.

You'll discover:

Marketing - online and in person - so you can fill your books

Mindset - so you are confident to make the changes needed

Mechanics - so the "business" side of things is easy and quick

So you can become Fully Booked Without Burnout!

These Modalities are welcome:

  • Massage

  • Myotherapy

  • ​Osteopathy

  • ​Spa professional

  • Bowen

  • Kinesiology

  • ​Nutrition

  • ​Fitness and PT

  • Relaxation

  • Esthetics

  • ​Other bodywork

  • Any health or wellness practice!

However, it is less about the style of practice that you have... and more about your vision and heart.

If you have a vision for growth AND a heart for the people you serve, then you will fit in just fine!

How does it work?

A unique mentoring program, designed and delivered by

world-class mentors

SOLID: With hundreds of graduates across the world this is already known as the BEST business development program specifically for massage and allied health professionals who want to create a rocking business that supports their passion and vision.

RELEVANT: Fully Booked Bootcamp is the ONLY business program that is created by experienced and fully qualified trainers, who have worked in the massage industry for decades and taught massage and business skills for higher education and privately, to thousands of practitioners worldwide.

FUN: Not only do you receive the skills and tactics needed to improve your business results and confidence but you get to participate in a fun and practical learning environment with a community of like-minded and like-hearted members around you

Here's how Fully Booked Bootcamp is delivered

Experience a supportive growth environment with personal mentoring



  • Live group coaching calls throughout the program so you can stay motivated and clear

  • ​Personal feedback and answers to any questions you have in our private Facebook group

  • Using our trademarked Fully Booked Without Burnout™ framework to give you the most potent steps you can take for your individual situation



  • Being with like-minded and like-hearted people builds momentum and inspiration - and is FUN!

  • Every intake has a private Facebook group with daily steps, feedback and connection

  • Live calls allow you to connect with the whole group as well as Christine, Elicia and James



  • Practical and clear step-by-step videos guide you through each module so you can easily follow along

  • ​Simple instructions which break down complicated ideas into small steps so you can take action easily

  • LIFETIME access to all the content so you can revisit any topic at your own pace or when you might need it again in the future

The 8 Week Framework

Week 1


A powerful mindset gives you the courage and resilience to move forward as you leverage your business

Week 2


Get clear on who you are, what you do and who you do it for so you can create a unique and authentic client attraction magnet

Week 3


Build a tribe of raving fans in your local community and on Social Media using these simple strategies and templates that are tested and working right now

Week 4


Time to catch up and do the work! 2 live coaching calls this week to connect, give feedback, answer questions live … and give you a shot of inspiration as you go

Week 5

Web Impact

Create a high-impact website to supercharge your marketing and become really effectively online

Week 6

Get Organised

The systems and structure you can set up behind the scenes to bring yourself freedom of time and energy

Week 7


Time to catch up and do the work!
2 live coaching calls this week to connect, give feedback, answer questions live … and give you a shot of inspiration as you go

Week 8


Create a vibrant and abundant life and plan out your business growth over the next 12 months

My Goal for You

My goal for you is to be on your way to a Deeply Rewarding Practice which gives you:

💎 Organic Wealth - as abundance is created simply and naturally

🌟 Rippling Impact - so you can help more people

💃 Empowering Freedom - so you have more time and energy for what and who you love

And – we want you to do all this in the...

simplest way possible!

Game-changing mentoring.

Inspiring and supportive community.


About Your Coaches

Fully Booked Without Burnout

Elicia, James and Christine are business coaches, trainers, authors and mentors to hundreds of massage and health professionals.

With a combined 26 years of experience in the industry, they each bring a unique strength to support the journey of massage and health professionals.

Together, they have a passion to change lives and impact the health of the world by empowering bodywork professionals to serve with ease.

Elicia Crook coach profile

Elicia Crook

Massage Therapist, Clinic Owner and Business Coach

Co-author of "Fully Booked Without Burnout"

Loves mindset, leadership and inspiration

James Crook coach profile

James Crook

Marketer Agency Founder and Business Coach

Co-author of "Fully Booked Without Burnout"

Loves marketing and simplifying business

Christine Knox coach profile

Christine Knox

Massage Therapist, Trainer and Modalities Specialist

Author of "Your Practice!"

Loves training and therapist longevity

With over 700 Coaching Graduates across 7 countries worldwide (and counting!) transforming their results and simplifying their impact...

you'll be in good company!

Shonika grew her home-based massage business even though she’s got 2 kids and NO TIME

Mechelle got 12 new massage clients and $20 extra per session

Ali used this technique to double her client base in a single week

Riina massively upgraded her business confidence and now feels in control of her future

Khloe went from seeing only 5 clients a month to becoming fully booked for 12 months in advance

Stay-at-home-dad Damon quadrupled his business in 10 weeks

Taviene discovered how to do things DIFFERENTLY to double her clients

Gian took inspired action to grow his Rolfing business and build his confidence

Mya is now on 9 weeks in a row of being “fully booked”

Steven had been in the industry for years but needed help marketing in a new location

Monika went from struggling to keep the doors open to growing and excited for the future

Lisa left her FIFO job to run her own massage business full time


and have a Fully Booked practice!


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