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Well, hello!

Here at The Health Leader Co. we are passionate about improving the career longevity and joy of massage and complementary health professionals.

We have seen that too many practitioners find themselves unfulfilled or capped due to burnout – of their body, mind or bank account!

So we are committed to making a difference... by delivering pioneering hands-on training and business coaching so you can love your practice.

Elevating your hands-on skills and your practice ... to get incredible results!

Christine, Elicia and James have decades of experience in massage, health and business... and are highly qualified in their individual areas of expertise.

Plus they have more than 18 years combined of mentoring HUNDREDS of other massage and complementary health professionals.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a team with more experience and knowledge of this specific industry.

You're in good hands!

Lead Coaches and Mentors

Elicia Crook

Business and Leadership Coach

Meet Elicia

Elicia is a business coach and mentor to hundreds of therapists, sharing the tactics she used to create her business success over 16 years.

From the early days of treating out of her lounge room the journey took Elicia to build her dream clinic with a team of 9 treating over 100 clients a week.

Elicia then created a very successful online business as well, and now teaches therapists how to build business with more success and passion, and to drive the health industry forward.

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along the way is to be open to asking for help. And accept the help you receive – we don’t have to put on our super hero capes and do it alone!”

Elicia is a Diploma qualified Remedial Massage Therapist as well as using modalities such as Bowen and Craniosacral, and has a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment which she used while teaching massage for several years.

Through her career and business experience (and by making many mistakes along the way!) Elicia discovered what really works and who she needed to be in order to run a successful massage business. Now she takes this blueprint to massage and health professionals worldwide to build more success and passion.

Christine Knox

Skills and Modalities Coach

Meet Christine

Christine began her massage career 14 years ago in Scotland, and her Professional Degree in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage places her within the top therapists in the UK.

She also has a huge range of massage industry experience from delivering massage within an NHS setting to working backstage with superstars at rock concerts!

Using her experience and broad education, Christine built her expertise in Fascia and Scars allowing her to travel globally indulging her passion for learning and passing on skills to others.

She loves to inspire therapists to grow by gaining new skills from a different perspective through an interactive, supportive and fun learning environments.

James Crook

Business and Marketing Coach

Meet James

James is a marketer, business mentor, best-selling author and an international presenter on business growth and marketing

With 14 years running his own marketing agency, plus presenting hundreds of business workshops, mentoring, teaching at a TAFE College, and working as a marketer himself… James is living his passion to help massage and complementary health practitioners use their authentic gifts to achieve success in business.

His incredible breadth of experience is backed by formal education including a Degree in Journalism, an Adv Dip in Electronic Design, a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and many other professional development courses covering business, marketing and coaching.

James believes that marketing is the engine of growth. So if you want to find and keep ideal clients you need to simply show the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

“All Marketing is communication – when you learn how to communicate your message – you will never have a quiet week again”.

One of his superpowers is making the complex simple: James communicates in a clear way to help everyone know the right steps to take to grow their business.

The Team

Yvette Croft

Program Coach

Lisa Elwell

Program Coach

Becca Grant

Program Coach (USA)

Jo Brockett

Finance Master

Flavie De Sousa

Enrolment Superstar

May Palacpac

Program Coach


Onboarding Superstar

Milena Abreu

Digital and Web Designer


Social Media Coordinator

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