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Here at The Health Leader Co. we are passionate about improving the career longevity and joy of massage and bodywork professionals.

We have seen that too many practitioners find themselves unfulfilled or capped due to burnout – of their body, mind or bank account!

So we are committed to making a difference... by delivering pioneering hands-on training and industry-specific business coaching so you can love your practice.

Elevating your hands-on skills and your practice ... to get incredible results!

Christine, Elicia and James have decades of experience in massage, health and business... and are highly qualified in their individual areas of expertise.

Plus they have more than 18 years combined of mentoring HUNDREDS of other massage and complementary health professionals.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a team with more experience and knowledge of this specific industry.

You're in good hands!

Elicia Crook

Business and Leadership Coach


  • How to hire a superstar team

  • The 3 steps to create a Deeply Rewarding Massage business

  • Confident team leadership for success

Elicia is a business coach and mentor to hundreds of other massage therapists, sharing the tactics she used to create her business success over 24 years. She remembers what it was like at the beginning to get up every day and treat only a handful of clients with gaps in between – and the sinking feeling when you look into next week’s bookings and see it’s going to be lean.

Through this experience (and by making many mistakes along the way) Elicia discovered what works and who she needed to be in order to run a successful massage business. Now she takes this blueprint to her clients to build more success and passion, and to drive the massage industry forward.

James Crook

Business and Marketing Coach


  • How to get an extra 5 clients this week from social media

  • Mastering your Massage Practice

  • The best tech tools that normal people can use to save time and organise their massage practice

James is a speaker, author and marketer with international experience sharing to large and small audiences. Highlights includes key-noting at the national conference for Massage & Myotherapy Australia in 2022, presenting at CPA Australia’s national conference in Sydney, the Leo Cussen Centre for Law, The Gordon TAFE, Deakin University, the Federally-funded Digital Enterprise Program and many small business groups, local councils, and chambers of commerce.

James also presents at regular retreats and workshops with The Health Leader Co. and enjoys bringing exciting insights and inspiration to audiences to improve marketing and business results.

Christine Knox

Skills and Modalities Coach


  • Hot Stones, Hormones and Headaches: helping your clients through menopause

  • Scars: The C-sections and Low Back Pain Connection

  • Align your Head, Heart and Hands

Christine is an internationally trained & renowned practitioner and creator of the only mentored online programs for hands-on therapists in Remedial Hot Stones and Gentle Scar Therapy. She trained in the UK and holds the highest qualification available to massage therapists, a professional degree BTEC level 6 in advanced clinical and sports massage.

Christine has 14 years of massage and bodywork experience, coupled with a background in performing arts, sales, teaching, and business across the UK and Australia. She has been exposed to an extraordinary blend of perspectives which has resulted in a truly unique framework of sustainability and fulfilment that is changing the way Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, and Bodyworkers develop their business and hands-on practical skills across the globe.

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Yvette Croft

Program Coach

Lisa Elwell

Program Coach

Becca Grant

Program Coach (USA)


Finance Master


Enrolment Superstar


Program Coach


Onboarding Superstar


Digital and Web Designer


Social Media Coordinator

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