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Ep85: Massage Therapist to Healing Innovator with Amy Tyler

August 25, 20231 min read


From Massage Therapist to Healing Innovator with Amy Tyler 

Join us on this captivating episode of The Health Leader Podcast as we uncover the remarkable journey of Amy Tyler, the visionary force behind Amy Tyler Therapeutic Massage & The Institute of Oncology Massage. Amy’s story is a testament to adaptability, resilience, and empathy.

In this episode, we explore Amy’s incredible strategies for self-compassion, her journey from massage therapist to healing innovator, and her resilience in the face of adversity.

Starting fresh out of high school, Amy ventured into the world of sports massage and masterfully delved into lymphatic drainage and oncology massage. Her path took unexpected turns, including an unplanned trip to Europe and a lived experience of cancer.

Despite battling glandular fever and facing the need to shut her business down three times, Amy’s unwavering determination prevailed. She found ways to operate and innovate, regardless of external circumstances.

Join us as we delve into Amy’s empowering voyage, celebrating her wisdom and strength.

It’s an exploration of transformation, compassion, and the pursuit of excellence.

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