Simplify Your Business Growth

Achieve the next steps in your career and create a Deeply Rewarding Practice you love!



6 Figure Business Mastery

6 Figure Business Mastery

Game-changing mentoring.

Inspiring and supportive community.

And the tools you need so you can grow your practice with confidence.

Grow your bookings, manage a team, run events, create a course... whatever you are looking for next we've done it before and we can show you exactly how.

Game-changing mentoring.

Inspiring and supportive community.

And the tools you need so you can grow your practice with confidence.

Grow your bookings, manage a team, run events, create a course... whatever you are looking for next we've done it before and we can show you exactly how.

Here's a crazy question:

What if you stopped feeling stuck in your business – and instead you got the support you need to take your next steps in the SIMPLEST way possible?

Most practitioners think that growing a massage or health business has to take all your

Time & Energy ...

because most Colleges teach you the handson skills but NOT the business tactics that make things easy.

So if you lack confidence or are unsure of how to grow without overcomplicating your life – then you are not alone.

6 Figure Business Mastery is a mentoring program created by industry experts with decades of experience in massage, training and business.

You get guidance, accountability and the step-by-step instructions, for how create the business you want... big or small!

Which empowers you to create a deeply rewarding practice...

your way!

What is "6 Figure" all about?

If you've ever felt like you're stuck spinning your wheels... and you want more out of your business

Maybe you have a dream vision but you're not sure how to get there...

If you're looking nervously at your next steps and thinking... I'm not sure how to make that happen!

Or maybe you've already been struggling through it by yourself – and now you want support

Then 6 Figure Business Mastery is right for you.




Lead a Team


Live Events


Online Program

A team – live workshops – making an online course...

most of my members want to do ONE or maybe TWO of them at most.

Some are happy to simply maximise their Solo practice without anything extra at all.

That's okay... in fact it's expected!

Members who step into 6 Figure have access to ALL the pathways,

and to make sure progress is FAST and CLEAR we sit down together right at the start and map our your unique plan.

This means your pathway is customised so can get to YOUR dream business in the simplest "straight line" possible for you.


to create time and energy


outcomes and profits


for a strong future

Bec went from 5 to 19 clients per week

Simple change leads to a team of staff across 2 locations

Catherine doubled her income in 6 months

Found success by being with like‑minded people

The confidence to make a specialist online course

Clarity of goals lead to sustainable success

Will it be a good fit for me?

6 Figure Business Mastery is right for you if:

✅ You have a big vision and want support and guidance as you grow...

✅ You would find value in being part of a connected group of like-minded and like-hearted "massage buddies"...

✅ You are ready to fall in love with the journey and celebrate success...

✅ You want to follow the map from someone who's already been there...

✅ You know that if you KNEW the right steps that lead to your dream business, you would do them!

This is ONLY for people who are willing to play the game... there are no spectators in our group...

only Champions!

These Modalities are welcome:

  • Massage

  • Myotherapy

  • ​Osteopathy

  • ​Spa professional

  • Bowen

  • Kinesiology

  • ​Nutrition

  • ​Fitness and PT

  • Relaxation

  • Esthetics

  • ​Other bodywork

  • Any health or wellness practice!

However, it is less about the style of practice that you have... and more about your vision and heart.

If you have a vision for growth AND a heart for the people you serve, then you will fit in just fine!

What outcomes will I get?

Our goal is for you to create a Deeply Rewarding Practice which gives you:

💎 Organic Wealth - as abundance is created simply and naturally

🌟 Rippling Impact - so you can help more people

💃 Empowering Freedom - so you have more time and energy for what and who you love

And – we want you to do all this in the...

simplest way possible!

So we identify your "Wildly Important Goals" right at the start, and design the pathway just for YOU...

Some results members experience along the way:


• Be more consistent and "fully booked"

Feel confident in business

Create more profit

Have more time off by simplifying their business

Feel more supported with a community around them

Set a strong foundation for the next steps of growth


Hire a team

Or manage a team they already have

Create a more aligned team culture

Have more confidence in their own leadership

Know how to handle challenging situations

Create profit from their team from day 1


Run their first workshop or class at full capacity

Create a training that is effective and fun

Improve their speaking skills

Know how to make events profitable and popular

Provide amazing experiences for attendees


Design and build their online program or course

Discover how to market and sell it successfully

Use small online programs as an additional income and value-add

Or create a high-value transformational program as a new pillar in their business

Of course, like with any training or education, I can't guarantee what results you'll get because I don't know what you're planning to do with it yet, and I have no control over whether or not you'll do the work.

But we have everything in place to make it as easy and simple as possible, and we support you the whole way (with maybe an occasional kick in the bum to get moving if needed!)

Increased confidence has brought huge gains

Created a supportive and profitable team

Now runs a niche online program to help people around the globe

“To get it all in one place is amazing”

How does it work?

A unique business coaching program, designed and delivered by

world-class mentors

SOLID: Elicia, James and Christine have decades of experience in business PLUS over 25 years combined mentoring massage and health professionals.

SPECIFIC: "6 Figure" is the ONLY business mentoring program that is created by experienced and fully qualified trainers, who have worked in the massage industry for decades and taught massage and business skills for higher education and privately, to thousands of practitioners worldwide.

FUN: Not only do you receive the skills and tactics needed to improve your business results and confidence but you get to be part of a fun and supportive community of like-minded and like-hearted members.

Kristy Rackham

Christine Knox, James Crook, Elicia Crook
Business Coaches for Massage and Health Professionals

Practical Tools and Support

As well as the incredible training and support to guide you along the way...

6 Figure Business Mastery also includes

Tools, Templates and Pre-Made Content

Full access to Your Practice PRO

This revolutionary business toolkit makes your marketing and practice management easier.

And we'll set it up with you so you are up and running FAST!

Streamline your marketing, memberships and client communication with this all-in-one solution.

So you can save time, save money, grow your practice, and retain happy clients.

Over 1200 pre-made Social Media images

A library of content, ready for you to use!

This includes social media images, posts, written articles and more.

You can have your website online for free. And connect all your social media channels so you can send and receive messages from just one place.

We even have a full scheduler for you to make posting consistent and easy, and an A.I. writer to making getting your content out fast and professional!

Experience a supportive growth environment with personal mentoring



  • A deeply customised "kick-off" session to set your 12-month goals and monthly steps

  • ​Scheduled monthly "Calibration" calls to check your progress and adjust your plan

  • ​Weekly live group coaching calls throughout the program so you can stay motivated and clear

  • Personal feedback and answers to any questions you have in our private Facebook group or by direct message



  • Being with like-minded and like-hearted people builds momentum and inspiration - and is FUN!

  • A private Facebook group for your weekly steps, feedback and connection

  • Live calls allow you to connect with the whole group as well as Elicia and James

  • ​4 Retreats each year provide deep connection and inspired learning – available in person and online



  • Optional pathways for Solo Therapists, Teams, Events, and Online Programs

  • ​Practical and clear videos guide you through each module so you can easily follow along

  • Tools, templates and pre-made content so you can get started immediately

  • Specific walkthroughs to show you exactly how to do everything you need in order to achieve your chosen goals

Live Retreats...

are incredibly popular and inspiring

Watch as we go behind the scenes at one of our private client retreats!

Four retreats each year provide deep connection and inspired learning – in person and online

Confidently achieving the next level with the right guidance

Hired 4 staff and moved to a professional clinic space

Changed her mindset to push forward in business

Is this right for me right now?

It is the right time for you now, if:

✅ You are ready to accept help (or learn how to accept help)

✅ You want to have your steps laid out so you can start taking action immediately

✅ You are ready to commit to your vision and to do the work required to get there

✅ You have a yearning for "something more" and you want to meet your deeper values

You are NOT right if:

❌ You are not willing to do any of the steps required to reach your goals

❌ You want to feel safe and comfortable for your entire life and never step out of your comfort zone

❌ You have stopped caring about your dreams 

❌ You are only in business to make money

❌ You want to ignore the calling you have on your life

Found her direction by being with the right tribe

Gained the confidence to set up a brighter future

Became “Fully Booked” and moved into a new 3-room clinic

Being in a like-minded tribe creates long-term success

Turnover up by 60% despite pandemic shutdown

Doubled weekly revenue and found support for life

Amazing! How do I start?

There's no doubt that 6 Figure Business Mastery is an incredible program that will grow your business and your self.

It gets the BIGGEST results of any of the programs I run, and it is the most CONNECTED.

And it needs the biggest investment as well. (Completely worth it.)

We limit the numbers because this is such a hands-on membership...

So the only way in is to apply, and we'll connect personally to see if or how we can help you, and go through the details together.

Game-changing mentoring.

Inspiring and supportive community.


About Your Coaches

Fully Booked Without Burnout

Elicia, James and Christine are business coaches, trainers, authors and mentors to hundreds of massage and health professionals.

With a combined 26 years of experience in the industry, they each bring a unique strength to support the journey of massage and health professionals.

Together, they have a passion to change lives and impact the health of the world by empowering bodywork professionals to serve with ease.

Elicia Crook coach profile

Elicia Crook

Massage Therapist, Clinic Owner and Business Coach

Co-author of "Fully Booked Without Burnout"

Loves mindset, leadership and inspiration

James Crook coach profile

James Crook

Marketer Agency Founder and Business Coach

Co-author of "Fully Booked Without Burnout"

Loves marketing and simplifying business

Christine Knox coach profile

Christine Knox

Massage Therapist, Trainer and Modalities Specialist

Author of "Your Practice!"

Loves training and therapist longevity

Elicia Crook coach profile

Becca Grant

Program Coach (USA)

James Crook coach profile

Lisa Elwell

Program Coach (Online)

Christine Knox coach profile

May Palacpac

Program Support

Hear from the team....

Becca supports our North America members and understands the journey from personal experience

Lisa is a program graduate who loves supporting current members on Zoom for our streamed retreats

Jasmine is a graduate who supports members in the retreat room and organises everything smoothly

With over 700 Coaching Graduates across 7 countries worldwide (and counting!) transforming their results and simplifying their impact...

you'll be in good company!

Game-changing mentoring.

Inspiring and supportive community.