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Ep81: Introducing The Health Leader Co.

Ep81: Introducing The Health Leader Co.

July 31, 20231 min read


(Just a heads up, future episodes will have less echo! We recorded the first two episodes in this season while we were together in person and they are a little more echo-ey than we would like…)

Welcome to Season 4 of The Health Leader Podcast! Get ready to be inspired and informed as we introduce our awesome hosts – Elicia Crook, Christine Knox, and James Crook.

Each of them brings their unique expertise in massage, business, and marketing, combining their wisdom to deliver valuable insights.

In this episode, we have something special in store for you. Our hosts will be addressing questions straight from the therapists themselves, gathered during the enlightening 6 Figure Therapist Client retreat in Coolangatta, NSW. It’s an opportunity to tap into their wealth of knowledge and learn from their experiences.

At The Health Leader Co., we firmly believe in the power of sharing experiences for personal growth and industry prosperity. And that’s precisely the essence of this season! We aim to uncover valuable nuggets of wisdom that can make a real difference in your practice.

Throughout this episode, our hosts will delve deep into intriguing questions, ranging from essential clinic must-haves to favorite quotes, and even some cheeky tales about their beloved clients. Running a massage business may be a labor of love, but it’s not without its challenges. And our hosts are here to guide you through the juggling act of balancing client time with business needs.

So, grab your headphones and get ready for an exciting journey of learning and growth. The Health Leader Podcast Season 4 awaits you!

And please excuse our echo in this episode, (echo,echo,echo)!

“Done is better than perfect.”
(not James fav quote in the EP – but definitely up in his top 3!)

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