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The Only 2 Things You Need In Order To Succeed

May 06, 20163 min read

What - Only 2?  You have go to be kidding right? 2 things make it sounds easy…

If only it were that simple. One of the biggest things I notice as a therapist is that people often have heaps of limiting beliefs and fear around success. There is a presumption that if you desire or strive for success that you are money driven and that to be money drive is essentially BAD.

There is also the fear that we might fail but as I have mentioned in a number of my blogs – this is often a mistake and what we actually have is a fear of success. Because most of the time, we are failing (by our own standards anyway) by not being busy enough, not making enough money or not being completely organised and planned in our business. There are many ways we can be successful: like by having it all together, making money, being busy and having a clue about business, going on family holidays, being able to ensure your kids are doing after school activities etc.

The reason that the average life span of a therapist is only 3 years is because in order to create the business we desire, we need 2 elements. We need a passion and we need a strategy.

The thing is, anyone can take the steps needed to run a business. To create marketing campaigns, build a referral network, rebook clients, get a website and even handle social media. Often, though, we don’t have the right strategy or recipe we need for our business and that is why it seems so hard.

However, think about how long you have been massaging for, then think about 2 years earlier. If someone then had asked you to fix their head aches – could you have done it? Most likely the answer is no BUT the difference is that you wouldn’t beat yourself up for it – you just simply accept that you don’t know what you don’t know.

The same goes for running a business. You don’t know how to use Facebook yet or you don’t get how to rebook or how to run a successful business – COOL! WOO HOO! You don’t know what you don’t know and you know what – the only reason you’re reading this is because you’re a massage therapist who has LEARNT the skills which means that you can learn ANY skills.

The next layer we need to have is passion and the goal. IF all you ever do is implement steps – you will most likely burn out. BUT if all you ever have is just the idea with the passion with the belief that “build it and they will come” – “just think it and it will happen” … We all know that this is rubbish. We can’t just simply manifest clients and make money magically appear in our bank accounts. Even as a spiritually in-tune person, I know that the Telstra bills still must be paid and that they don’t care how many manifestation books I have read – they still need their bill to be paid with money that I generate.

Most of the therapists I speak to have the second bit covered. They have the passion and the goal to want to make their business successful but they lack the strategy they need to get them there. One of the things I do as a coach is utilise strategies that work and teach my clients how to make these strategies work in their business.

If this is you, if you are reading this and thinking YEP! I’m SO ready to take my business to the next level – then get in touch – let’s have a chat to see if or how I can help you make your business happen!

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