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The 3 Step Secret Marketing Formula That No One Wants You To Know

October 23, 20162 min read

I was talking with a massage therapist the other day about an ad she put in the local paper. She was wondering why it had not brought in any clients and what she might to do to make it even better for next time.

The interesting thing I find with so many therapists is that they want to tell everyone EVERYTHING in such a small space.

Imagine you’re at a party and you're meeting someone for the first time, and you ask them a bit about themselves and they take a big breath and then tell you their life story in a really short space of time… it is often not the start of an amazing life-long relationship with that person hey?!

Yet this is exactly what I see therapists doing all the time with their ads.

The other problem I see is that we forget that we are not talking to other therapists.

It's easy to think that what would make US as therapists have a massage is what would make a new client come rushing in for a treatment. So we highlight qualifications and treatment names and insurance and all the things we do.

But the thing is, your clients – or potential clients – don’t care! All they care about is what’s in it for them, or the benefits they will experience from what you do.

So what SHOULD you do when creating an ad?

Logo, Pic, Phone Number, Website social media and a few benefits and THAT’S IT!

The secret formula for any ad is this.

It’s a 3 step process: Problem, Solution, Call to action.

Sore, tight or tired?
You need a massage

Massage Can help

Have you been overdoing it at the gym?
Sports massage eases those sore muscles

Then you need to test and measure. What did you spend on your ad and how many people came in because of it?

If the ad costs $100 and you charge $90 and you get 2 clients in and they both re book then one refers – that’s $450 in the next few weeks.

So was the ad worth it? YOU BET!

What happens if you don’t get anyone? COOL! You have just learnt what NOT to do for next time. Now you know one way an ad doesn’t work for your audience. So keep tweaking until you get it right OR you find a better place to advertise your amazing gift to the world.

If you would like some help getting your marketing right and need feedback just like Ellen from Chakra Waves did then get in touch! Leave our details here and one of our awesome Massage Champions will give you a quick chat to see if or how we can help.

Elicia Crook
Founder of Massage Champions
"Turning your passion into a rocking business”


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