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THE 2 Things You MUST Do to Succeed In Your Online Marketing

July 29, 20162 min read

Do you struggle to get a powerful response from your social media posts, ads or other marketing?

A problem I see very often is that Massage Therapists and Myotherapists, naturally try different things to see what works, but never arrive at a single solid idea that sticks long term. So their audience is left confused and underwhelmed.

In any kind of marketing or advertising, consistency is key. Keep your stars aligned!

Being consistent with your message happens in two ways:

1. Be the same you, everywhere

Have the same branding and message in all the different places someone will see you. (And be seen in multiple places!)

The world’s largest advertisers have known this for a long time, that appearing to someone repeatedly in different places has more impact than in only one place.

That’s why a new toothpaste being launched will have ads on tv, newspaper, billboards and online. By seeing the same brand and the same message in multiple places, you’re becoming more and more familiar with it.

This does NOT mean that you can simply copy and paste your facebook post and put it into Twitter or LinkedIn. The audience that will follow you on each of these is different to each other and the same wording or fell won’t necessarily be appropriate! For example Facebook is much more casual than LinkedIn which is a network for business professionals.

Consistency DOES mean that if someone saw you on Facebook and then LinkedIn they would recognise your message, your brand, your “why” … and they would see that message in a style and language appropriate for the platform.

2. Be consistent over time

Your core message needs to be repeated again and again to be embedded in the minds of your audience.

Hear this right: you are not a broken record. The words you use will change, and the images, and the stories you tell about what you do.

But over the course of months and even years, the same basic principles you share should always be consistent. That’s how you become well known for a particular service or point of view.

The idea is that if someone sees you wrote an article or put out a video, they should already know basically what topic it will be about even before they see it ... because they know the kind of things you always do. Sure, it will be a new perspective or an intriguing insight, but it should always reaffirm to them the kind of person you are and add to their understanding of the business you run.

The key

By keeping your brand and your message consistent you have a much greater impact, as each small activity you do builds on the ones before it.

Align your marketing stars and see your impact grow!

James Crook - Digital Marketing Expert At Massage Champions


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