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There's a problem with helping clients

There's a Problem with Helping Clients

June 11, 20241 min read

There’s a problem with helping massage clients:

Tell me, have you ever had a client come to you in pain or discomfort, feel fabulous after their treatment only to return a few days or a week or so later to tell you they saw a different practitioner who "fixed" them?

If you have, you're not the first and in fact I've recently been talking to A LOT of Therapists who are finding themselves in this situation and can't work out why.

They recall that they saw the client, and treated them for the pain or discomfort they were feeling, the client raved about how wonderful they were feeling post treatment and even a couple of days later when they called to follow up, then when the client returned the Therapist is simply SHOCKED to hear the client say they were "fixed" by something/someone else.

Hearing so many Therapists going through this situation I wanted to help. So I got super curious and dug a little deeper into the problem, finding out TWO things were happening and could be easily solved.

Are you curious to know what they are and hear the solution that will ensure you never have to hear a client tell you another practitioner "solved" their problem ever again?

To discover more and find out how, watch the video.

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Christine Knox

Christine began her massage career 14 years ago in Scotland, and her Professional Degree in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage places her within the top therapists in the UK. She also has a huge range of massage industry experience from delivering massage within an NHS setting to working backstage with superstars at rock concerts! Using her experience and broad education, Christine built her expertise in Fascia and Scars allowing her to travel globally indulging her passion for learning and passing on skills to others. She loves to inspire therapists to grow by gaining new skills from a different perspective through an interactive, supportive and fun learning environments.

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