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People + Technology = Opportunity

February 17, 20162 min read

Hi, I'm, Elicia from Fully Booked Without Burnout - I’m a business Coach for Massage Therapists.

I help Massage Therapists and Myotherapists get business - so that they understand how grow their business and impact more people with Massage.

One of the reasons I started Coaching was because I saw so many great Therapists who totally rock at what they do but don’t understand technology and how to use it to improve their business.

One of the biggest steps we took when running our successful Massage business was to get our online presence sorted and embrace technology and all that it offers.

These are the things that we put in place:

Get A Website

Getting your business in front of people needs to happen online. The first thing we do when we want something is search for it online and if you’re not there – then you can’t be found. Super simple – get a website!

Use Facebook

Facebook allows us to ‘touch’ our clients outside of the massage room, educating them, inspiring them, making them laugh and continually proclaiming our message to them which in turn brings business back and set us up as the trusted adviser. It can also work really well to bring new clients in as it is extremely responsive. If you create an ad – spend $10 and no one is clicking or booing – then you can tweak and change it until you do.

Typing Treatment Notes

While this may not make your business explode – it usually means that you booking system is electronic which creates stability and structure in your business. When you start typing treatment notes – it makes referrals easier and the best thing is, it’s less work on your hands to type than to write.

Online Bookings

This is the ultimate way to grow your business. There are many different options when it comes booking software. The biggest things to understand when choosing is know your outcome – what do you want it to do? Make a list and find one that does it and pick that.


At the end of the day – we are in such a unique position as Massage Therapists as we are not restricted at all by marketing restraints and we do have the ability to utilize technology and to engage more people through online platforms.


When you start to embrace the tech side of things, you will ensure you don’t get left behind and you will attract more of your ideal clients and create strong momentum that will enable rapid growth in your massage business.

If this is you, get in touch, I am offering  a FREE 15 min consultations to help ensure Massage therapists across Australia are really ramping up their business in 2016




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