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How To Thrive In Your Business In 2016

January 16, 20164 min read

My Name is Elicia from Fully Booked Without Burnout - I'm a business Coach for Massage Therapists.

I help Massage Therapists and Myotherapists get business - so that they understand how grow their business and impact more people, and not get burnt out.

One of the reasons I started Coaching was because I saw so many great Therapists who totally rock at what they do but when the average lifespan of a therapist is 3 only years, I knew it was time to step up.

Most people who know me know I have a lot of energy but what not everyone knows is that I have nearly burnt out, twice throughout my 15 year career.  As I love what I do, I love the amazing gift we give to our clients when we get them results. I just needed to put things in place to pick up the momentum again and get something back in the tank!

That was over 6 years ago now and since them, I have never looked back. These are some of the steps I have taken.

1. Be Do Have – you have to reverse engineer it

Let’s look at a goal – maybe it’s a health goal – I want to be able to run 1km. What do you need to do to make that happen?
If the Goal is to HAVE run 1km – What is it that I need to do in order to achieve that?

Well I might need to go for a run… even if its 3 steps! I might need to my shoes on – find a safe road or space to run on, I might need some music. These are just some of the steps I would need to DO in order to have RUN 1km.

But what if I’m not currently a runner?? What if I would relate more to that meme that says if you see me running – you should run to as we are about to die? Who would I need to BE in order to run 1km? I would need to start thinking of myself as a runner.

So if we are wanting to ensure we don’t get burnt out – What do we need to BE DO or HAVE in order to get there?

2. Be At Cause - Above the line / below the line behaviour-

Lots of people talk about being above the line or at cause – “yeah I’m at cause” but the truth is – we not – We blame people all the time we blame stuff for what happens “oh the weather or the drivers or the seasons or other therapists” for stuff that goes on in or lives.

Words that reflect below the line are React, blame, victim, winging.

Words that reflect above or at cause, respond, Responsible, planned.

3. Physiology Of Excellence

Let’s have a bit of a play – if I said think of something that makes you depressed or sad then notice your physiology or how your sitting, notice your breathing and how you feel – now sit up and think of something that makes you really happy and full of joy – notice your breathing and how you are sitting and the energy you have in your body.

Think of how you feel during and after a walk – as a runner – I know that sometimes it’s hard to get up out of bed – one day It occurred to me  that I have never once ever regretted getting up  - ever. Why? Because when I get moving I get in state – I think oh I’ll just go for a little run – but once I get out there – its easy and I go longer than I planned because I have got momentum. Once we are moving our bodies – and we are sitting up straight or walking up right we start to think differently. Let’s look at -

4. Plan Your Work Then Work Your Plan

When things are getting out of control – it’s about creating the right plan – if you’re seeing clients all over the place – then start with creating a roster for yourself, when you value your time, your clients will to. Book them closer together so that you’re not spending lots of your day waiting for clients.

If you need to invest in something for your business, then set some time aside to investigate options. If you want to get healthier or fitter in your life, then take the next step. Layer in Be Do Have, be at cause, get moving and create a plan!

The truth is – We are all 100% responsible for every result or non-result in our lives, which is enormously empowering. What you need to do focus your attention on who you love to help and then focus on what you need to do in order to thrive in your life because our clients are a reflection of us – we need to be leading them by example.

If you apply these steps, you will ensure you don’t become a 3 year statistic,  you will attract  more of your ideal clients and create strong momentum that will enable rapid growth in your massage business.


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