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May 06, 20163 min read

Fear is something that we all experience. Fear keeps us safe. Most of us at some point have experienced failure. Times where we didn’t have enough time or money or support or experience, or knowledge.

Here’s the thing - Recourses are not the problem - resourcefulness is the problem.

The most successful people in history had no resources – but they were resourceful. They used love, passion, dedication, connection all the human recourses we have to make them successful.

Success is this - 80% is Phycology 20% is Mechanics. 80% of success is what you tell yourself. Tell yourself you’re going to fail, tell yourself you have to much competition, tell yourself you are not confident, tell yourself you don’t get tech or understand social media and you’re going to be right.

Here’s what ’m NOT saying, I’m not saying that you just have to think it and it will happen – we all know that’s rubbish. Because 20% of the equation is the mechanics – it’s the HOW the edge and hacks that make us successful but we will never become successful if we never BELIEVE it first.

So many people in business have a vision and they have passion but what they are missing is the strategy. They want to be fully booked/running a multi-disciplinary/doing amazing things and they are PASSIONATE about that goal and that outcome.

But they are NOT currently living that reality. This is where most people start from when they speak to me. They are in a position where they are doing what they love – but it’s not enough and they know it’s not enough – that they were born for more – they want to help MORE people.

The biggest thing that holds people back is fear. Fear that they can’t do it, fear around investing, fear about being too busy, not having enough time. But you know what, regardless of whether you invest in a coach or if you do it on your own, in both cases, it will cost you money. If you do stuff on your own, it will cost you because you have the wrong strategy and you will make mistakes that will cost you money. It will cost you money because you will spend it in places that you won’t see return and it will cost you in lost revenue from not being busy enough. On the flip side – when you invest in a coach, yes it will cost you but the AWESOME thing is that your growth will be rapid, your mistakes will be less painful and you will be able to take your business to the next level in the shortest time possible.

When cows go up a mountain they take the path of least resistance, but our growth needs to be quicker than that – we can’t afford for it to take time. The longer we take to step up - the more people are walking around in pain. If we could see the faces of our future clients right now - that we potentially could be seeing, TODAY – see the look in their eyes, they are desperate to see YOU but you’re still held back in your fear. That’s worth rapid growth for.

Because at the end of the day – we all just want to help people. That’s why we started massaging. As Jordon Belfort says “The only thing standing in the way of you getting what you want is the BS story you keep telling you self as to why you can’t have it.”

If this is you and your ready to step up – breakthrough fear, commit to taking your business to the next level and investing in yourself then click this link – let’s have a chat and make this happen!





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Elicia Crook

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