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Ep84: From Mining to Massage Magic with Lisa Elwell

Ep84: From Mining to Massage Magic with Lisa Elwell

August 18, 20231 min read


Today, we’re delving into the incredible story of Lisa Elwell from Body Balance Health and Wellness.

Lisa’s journey started in the demanding mining world, where she kickstarted her career as a Physical Therapist. But her true passion led her to become a successful massage therapist. She’s not only established her own massage business but she’s also expanded it to four mine sites across Western Australia.

In this episode, we’ll explore how Lisa stepped out of her comfort zone to grow her confidence, sought guidance from mentors and coaches, and built a network of supportive ‘Biz Besties.’

Join us as we uncover the key moments that shaped Lisa’s inspiring journey.

Get ready to be inspired by Lisa’s transformational story as we dive into another episode of – The Health Leader Podcast!

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