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Connecting The Dots

May 11, 20164 min read

The Difference Between Beginning and Mastery

I was 10. It was sports day. We all lined up. The whistle blew. We started running – I was coming first…. Then it happened. I tripped and fell. The only thing to do was to get up and keep going. It’s all good – surly, it would never happen a again. But it did, 12 months later – I fell over again in my running race and decided then and there that I was never running again.

I never ran. Running was evil. If I had a client who ran I thought – that’s your own fault your sore! Then, a friend of mine started training for a half marathon. She did it slowly – increasing her distance each day until over a period of time – she ran 21 km and raised $3K for a children’s foundation she is involved with.

What I began to see in her life was a strategy. She broke it down and worked on it bit by bit which gave her the result she wanted.

I have now been a runner for 5 years and this Sunday I will line up at the start line of the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon – 23km From Kennett River to Apollo Bay.

Each year, has had different challenges. To begin with, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 13 and operated on at 15 where I was fused for 10 vertebral levels. While this has never stopped me, it can sometimes slow me down – IE I run slower than a turtle through peanut butter – but I still run.

One of my initial “slow downs” was my reason for running. At the start I wanted to run because of who I didn’t want to be. I didn’t want to be a slack person on the couch. But one of the interesting things is that when we focus on what we DON’T want – what are we focusing on? Ever told a kid DON’T touch something? What’s the first thing they do?

The first breakthrough I had in running was thinking about why I wanted to run. I flipped my statement to I Embrace Success. AWESOME! I even had a T shirt made with that statement on it for my first half marathon.

We must grow – if we are not green and growing we are ripe and rotting. Lots of stuff happens that allows us to grow. Sometimes, growth is slow. We don’t always notice the changes and the growth. This is one of the reasons that we must celebrate our wins. When something great happens – CELEBRATE IT! Have a massive week – high fives all round! Re book someone? WOO HOOO! Understand something for the first time that challenged you? YES!

At the start of this year – I had to come up with 4 limiting beliefs and switch them to empowering statements. One of my empowering statements is I AM successful. As I was getting the T-shirt Printed I noticed the growth. I embrace success is vastly different to I AM successful.

So what does any of this have to with business?

Funny thing is – lots. Even if you don’t run. Because how we do 1 thing – is how we do everything.

When we embark on anything – fitness, health, relationships, business, we need 3 things – the goal – the passion and the strategy.

What my friend inspired in me was passion, she had a goal and what she modelled for me was a strategy. When you’re running your business you need all 3. Most people have passion, some people have a goal but rarely anyone has the right strategy.  They simply don’t know the right steps to take make it all happen. To be able to break down how to market themselves, how to run a successful business, how to re book clients, how to master Social Media. All these things are is a strategy or a recipe that connect you to your goals through your passion.

That is what coaching is all about. Connecting the dots and the strategy to create your goals.

If this is you, then get in touch and lets have a chat to see if or how your dots can be connected.




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Elicia Crook

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