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Case Study With Grace Anderson - RMT - How She Went From 4 Clients a Week To 80% Capacity In Just 4 Weeks

January 21, 20161 min read

In this case study we talk to Grace about how she grew her Massage Business literally overnight

After Grace finished her fulltime job, she was only seeing 4 Massage clients a week. She knew she needed to change something but she didn't know what to do. She wasn't sure what the right steps to take were. She had tried a few things and it didn't seem to be working.

What Grace shows us beautifully here is how to market a business resourcefully and get the right results by taking the right steps. Really listen in because at about the 7 min mark - Grace shares the exact steps she took to grow her business.

She is now at a place where she can choose her own hours, employ staff, and grow to the next level when she's ready.

[Edit: we have a follow-up interview with Grace around 18 months later! See what she has achieved now!]

Grace AndersonRMT Grace AndersonGrace Anderson RMT Case Study

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