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Embracing Renewal with Scar Therapy and Self-Discovery

February 09, 20240 min read

Based in Far North Queensland, Jane's Greenhill Emmett Technique practice has flourished over the last 20 years, specialising in Bone Therapy and Emmett Technique. Discover how Jane's newfound expertise in scar therapy has revolutionised her practice, bringing renewed confidence to her clients. Jane delves into the emotional and physical healing process, offering a unique perspective on the power of gentle touch. Don't miss this inspiring discussion on embracing scars and fostering holistic wellness. Dive deep into the transformative world of scar therapy with Jane!

gentle scar therapy
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Christine Knox

Christine began her massage career 14 years ago in Scotland, and her Professional Degree in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage places her within the top therapists in the UK. She also has a huge range of massage industry experience from delivering massage within an NHS setting to working backstage with superstars at rock concerts! Using her experience and broad education, Christine built her expertise in Fascia and Scars allowing her to travel globally indulging her passion for learning and passing on skills to others. She loves to inspire therapists to grow by gaining new skills from a different perspective through an interactive, supportive and fun learning environments.

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