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Elevate your hands-on skills and your practice ... to get incredible results!

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Many practitioners think that growing a massage or health business is hard on your...

Time, Energy ... and Hands

because most Colleges teach you the basics but NOT the business or specialisation skills you truly need to have success and sustainable longevity in this industry.

So if you are unsure of how to grow – without overcomplicating your life – then you are not alone.

And we can help.


to create time and energy


for longevity and growth


outcomes and lifestyle

Industry-Specific Business Coaching

Fully Booked Bootcamp

Grow your client numbers and consistency

8 week program with fast and easy marketing and business skills for a sustainable solo practice

6 Figure Business Mastery

Simplify your business as you grow to the next level

12 month program for support and guidance with marketing, systems, hiring, workshops, online courses

Business Coaching for Massage

Specialist Modality Training

Remedial Hot Stones online course

Gentle Scar Therapy

A leading technique to treat new and old scars that is incredibly gentle on the client and you

Remedial Hot Stones

A unique modality using Hot Stones and Cold Stones in remedial and therapeutic treatments for better client outcomes

For Teachers and Course Creators

Course Creation for Massage Therapists

Online Mastery Method

An 8 week program to create your own successful online course and begin creating "touch free" income

6 Figure Business Mastery

Guidance, tools and support as you create your own successful workshop, class or online course


Experience massage workshops and business events to elevate your hands-on skills and your practice

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Live Massage Workshops

With over 700 Program Graduates across 7 countries worldwide (and counting!) transforming their results and saving their hands...

you'll be in good company!

Bec went from 5 to 19 clients per week

Simple change leads to a team of staff across 2 locations

Catherine doubled her income in 6 months

Found success by being with like‑minded people

The confidence to make a specialist online course

Clarity of goals lead to sustainable success

About Us

The team at The Health Leader Co.

Elicia, James and Christine are business coaches, trainers, authors and mentors to hundreds of massage and health professionals.

With a combined 26 years of experience in the industry, they each bring a unique strength to support the journey of massage and health professionals.

Together, they have a passion to change lives and impact the health of the world by empowering bodywork professionals to serve with ease.

Elicia Crook coach profile

Elicia Crook

Massage Therapist, Clinic Owner and Business Coach.

Co-author of "Fully Booked Without Burnout".

Loves mindset, leadership and inspiration.

James Crook coach profile

James Crook

Marketer Agency Founder and Business Coach.

Co-author of "Fully Booked Without Burnout".

Loves marketing and simplifying business.

Christine Knox coach profile

Christine Knox

Massage Therapist, Clinic Owner and Specialist Modalities Trainer. Author of "Your Practice!"

Loves therapist specialisation and longevity.


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We believe every massage and wellness professional deserves a long and abundant career in this industry.

One that supports your lifestyle, gives you an abundant income, and provides a way to serve your clients with ease.

So that you can have a deeply rewarding practice...

your way!

The Health Leader Co.

Game-changing training.
Industry-Specific guidance.

Inspiring and supportive community.